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Totty's News

Posted by Totty - January 24th, 2020


the below sucks, don't read if oyu don't want bummer'sville. That said, real talk, sometimes life sucks, and as an artist, sometimes that kicks the crap out of your ability to anything at all. So, January 2021, Things are okay.

And I'm doing art. And I can now do what the og post outlined, and it is finally providing the outlet i have always needed to not overthink and like, off myself via weed somehow. We got this shit-, 2021 is going to be brutal if it has to be, but by god, we're going to make things.

Original post:

Hey hi ho there. Entering 2020 honestly is, without a doubt the shittiest time of my life- it's a big dramatic to post online or whatever but my father died and subsequently my responsibility to family who need my immediate help has changed my priorities and time responsibilities dramatically. It really fucking sucks, no getting around it, but I am not an idiot, and I know we all die, and my dad as badass as he was, thought animation was fucking cool. I saw the original hobbit, AND ghost in the shell in the same blockbuster rental because of that jerk. He really thought Newgrouds was cool too, and like me, appreciated the all-participate-for-sake-of-lols-or-woah's, and I think he too would thank Tom for having his own version of an internet underhaven for artists who just like to make stuff, for sake of making stuff, and having a forum in it's best form- to talk about making more stuff.

Enough about that shit, though, subscribe fools. Double subscribe because holy shit I can't afford anything at the moment.

What I can do, and actually have been doing, is art- strangely. Before all the dramatics, I was in a really long, bored/depressed/defeated state with art after realizing once again my ambitions were way out of wack with a person's/my realistic physical capacity to produce in volume quantities of good animation for as long as I did with Animixtape. But since my schedule has shifted so much, I'm drawing a lot mrore, and sticking with what I start to finish a lot more. This is pretty hopeful, and no doubt a reflection of how art used to function as a centering and necessary element in my life. This means that despite the shit going on, the shit I spent time on instead of forcing myself to do art, I'm doing it now because it's saving me.

So here we go, thanks for helping me this far dad, and everyone else.

That felt good to type, I'll probably delete this later it's p lame. Cheers NG


Posted by Totty - October 2nd, 2016

Hi, I don't like making new posts without substance, so it's thanksgiving 2017, and the long short is I'm working my way back from broke to productive- and things are starting to look up. So if you're here, and curious, that's my deal currently. Still working on the big project dealio, still as hopeful and dedicated as I was and will continue to be as long as i breathe, and that's about all I can confidently say in a turmulous time in a world that seems to make less sense every day. I remain driven, optimistic, and hope to share some of what I'm animating with NG as soon as I feel it's up to code. Thanks yall, happy holidays, be safe and keep crankin' out stuff that reminds me that this art thing is one big skatepark worth falling down over and over only to laugh to get up and try again in.




Posted by Totty - August 31st, 2016

will be streaming for a few days coming up if ya wanna watch the stuff for the thing get worked at.

 Some 3d, bg, new scene, other cleanup junk


serious get shit done time

music by @alicemako (thank you)



Posted by Totty - August 29th, 2016

Had to take a few weeks off animation, life stuff and recharge, back punching the buttons and pushin plastic pens around.

It's goin!

Things are starting to pull together tighter each frame so i wont waste much time typing, but thanks generally to the active ng artists/community for helping out a funking tonnn..let's keep this cycle goin- 

k back to it

Still marathoning production streams on picarto if you care to watch animation get made, you weirdo



Posted by Totty - July 25th, 2016


830912_146994000392_5159813.flowerred-ren1.jpgOrganizing folders, backups etc this week went well- moving ahead with more animation, and more animation, backgrounds, designs, boards and yet more animation. Really hesitant to call anything "finished" yet, but glad to (hesitantly) report that linework is getting clearer and animation is flowing better than (maybe ever)? That would be swell. I stream progress on picarto if you're interested.


-So it's going, I'm putting in the work/time/backpain, hopefully to NG's benefit all around~


Posted by Totty - July 11th, 2016



Posted by Totty - July 3rd, 2016

The actual show is coming along nicely, here's something weird for your patience;


Posted by Totty - July 3rd, 2016


>i needed a break, there's a mod in chat going by Dredd.










Posted by Totty - April 23rd, 2016

830912_146138944212_animixtapeheader4.jpgbiggest project of my LIFE underway, details sooooon

Posted by Totty - April 21st, 2016

..due to lack of cash, also because of family needs, I'll have to miss the NG party this year. Especially lame since I was pretty certain I could make it this time- even had the days from work off planned and all. Bummer about that.

On a positive though, closing in on a personal deadline for a animation/music project, which is what it's alllll about.


Anyhow, have fun y'all, maybe next year i'll have a better setup to make it to philly