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Quick catch up for a long time away-

Posted by Totty - 1 month ago

Hey hi ho there. Entering 2020 honestly is, without a doubt the shittiest time of my life- it's a big dramatic to post online or whatever but my father died and subsequently my responsibility to family who need my immediate help has changed my priorities and time responsibilities dramatically. It really fucking sucks, no getting around it, but I am not an idiot, and I know we all die, and my dad as badass as he was, thought animation was fucking cool. I saw the original hobbit, AND ghost in the shell in the same blockbuster rental because of that jerk. He really thought Newgrouds was cool too, and like me, appreciated the all-participate-for-sake-of-lols-or-woah's, and I think he too would thank Tom for having his own version of an internet underhaven for artists who just like to make stuff, for sake of making stuff, and having a forum in it's best form- to talk about making more stuff.

Enough about that shit, though, subscribe fools. Double subscribe because holy shit I can't afford anything at the moment.

What I can do, and actually have been doing, is art- strangely. Before all the dramatics, I was in a really long, bored/depressed/defeated state with art after realizing once again my ambitions were way out of wack with a person's/my realistic physical capacity to produce in volume quantities of good animation for as long as I did with Animixtape. But since my schedule has shifted so much, I'm drawing a lot mrore, and sticking with what I start to finish a lot more. This is pretty hopeful, and no doubt a reflection of how art used to function as a centering and necessary element in my life. This means that despite the shit going on, the shit I spent time on instead of forcing myself to do art, I'm doing it now because it's saving me.

And whatever it manifests as will wind up here, because this place in my oldfrog mind is the place to post when you want to say whatever and express whatever especially when it comes to stuff that comes from a genuine place. And that's the kind of stuff I've been making decisions on, lately, and it's helping direct me toward making descisions that are practical and doable. One might be setting up a sticker business, somehow, and animate short stuff, or just illustrate stuff as I feel inspired. I'm not sure what you'll get but, aside from Sorelle and The Bellowstone, and whatever Animixtape turns into, I'm just going to create for now. It'e been way too long, and right now I'm truly doing it for me.

That felt good to type, I'll probably delete this later it's p lame. Cheers NG

Comments (2)

Wow man, that's some powerful shit. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, best of luck in the future. I do hope 2020 makes up to you for being a shit year so far.

sorry for the loss, man. But keep your chin up and take care of yourself and keep yourself goin strong. My dad passed when I was like 10 and I always tried to keep the "take care of yourself to make them proud" mentality. It seems to work well enough. Lookin forward to see more cool shit from ya.