Entry #21

uupp daaatess

2016-12-21 11:01:10 by Totty


HOLY KOWABUNGA it's been a little while huh?

Ima keep it short because a lot is going to happen and blah blah blah-

1> Animixtape-teaser this week in portal.

2> the FULL ON TRAILER for the series entry is very much coming together now, working with different software and combining things for faster/cleaner results. shud b gud

3>Patreon. Go there, read the in full update for what's going on if ya want.

4>SaTB- Part 2- kinda on hold cause animixtape needs the time

5>sorry I've been gone, just busy830912_148235722932_BONESYO.jpg

lots of stuff acomin' hold on to your butts


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